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Why sport?

      Only sport allows you to understand the limits of human capabilities and only sport allows you to understand what you are capable of.

      Sport is life in miniature. There are the joy of victory and tears of defeat. There is injustice and there is friendship and devotion.

      Only in sport you are experiencing sertain positive emotions, which you may not ever experience outside of sport. You will never forget the competitions and your opponents. These are the most vivid moments of your life.

Olympic Taekwondo in Stoney Creek

Why Taekwondo?

      There are many sports. There are many martial arts schools. There are team sports such as hockey and football. But I choose Taekwondo for several reasons.

      Firstly, because Taekwondo is an individual sport, your victory and your defeat is the result of your work. Every competition or belt test is a chance to beat your personal best. To be successfull, you need a high amount of self reliance, focus, passion and discipline.

      Secondly, despite the fact that it is a full contact martial art, there is a minimal amount of injuries.

      Thirdly, it is a very beautiful and technically complex form of martial arts. 90% of the techniques are kicks. It is a progressive view of the Olympic movement, which keeps up with the times. Taekwondo combines Eastern philosophy, self-defense and sport entertainment.

Martial Arts Hamilton

Why Tornado Taekwondo?

      Tornado Taekwondo Martial Arts Club is a small, family oriented school. Our Club provides lessons of the Olympic style of Martial Arts in Hamilton, Stoney Creek area. Tornado Taekwondo is located very close to the Stoney Creek downtown and just 10 minutes away from East Hamilton and Fruitland.

      We offer programs for children, teens, adults, and we have family classes as well. If you are working or studying late, or you have free time only when your kids go to bed, afterhours class is open for you. We determine a suitable martial arts program according to your goals and physical abilities and the results will surprise you. In case you need to spend more time to practice particular technique,our instructor will work with you personally. There is a special Taekwondo program for little "tornadoes" in our club, where they learn stances, punches and kicks through play.

      You will find a good atmosphere and the best friends in our club. If you choose us, we will be happy to share our knowledge and introduce you to the world of Martial Arts.

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