Tornado Taekwondo Martial Arts Programs

Children Program

    Taekwondo has no age limits and is a very good sport for children. They learn fast reactions through games, learn to respect others and learn to know their abilities and disabilities. Our training helps your child to achieve mental and physical balance: muscles strength and flexibility self-discipline and willpower. Try our Children Programs in Taekwondo club in Stoney Creek!

Tornado Taekwondo Martial Arts programs

Adult Classes

    Physical activity is very important when you are getting older. Maintaining and developing physical qualities prolongs life and put you in good mood. Make new friends and learn one of the most popular martial art in the world - Taekwondo in our Club!

Martial Arts program for adults

Competitive Classes

   There are several parts in Taekwondo training: sparring, patterns, self defense, breaking boards. Taekwondo as a competitive sport includes full-contact sparring and forms(patterns).

As a member of Taekwondo Ontario Tornado Taekwondo club gives a chance to the students participate in various level of tournaments. During the training we observe students strengths and interests to determine the most suitable training program.

the athlete got gold medal

Family Classes

   There is nothing that brings together parents and their children like common interests and activities.

Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren are welcome to our Family Classes.

Family Taekwondo Classes

Demonstration Team

   Taekwondo technique includes really high kicks and jumps. In the classes we practice jumping kicks, free style patterns and board breaking. If you like Taekwondo and you are artistic and creative - join our Demo Class!

Demo Taekwondo Classes